Guest Post: Τwo Ikea Lack Tables Become One

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Hi! I am Zografia and my small home in blogland is  Bisozozo. I have not done many guest posts, so when I had this opportunity I got really excited! Thank you Cathy for giving me this joy!

 As some of you might know we have an 8 month boy. He has began moving all over the house and we are adjusting everything for his safety! Locking the cupboards and drawers, adding safety cushions and so on and so on…
Two Ikea Lack Tables Become One
 One of the things we had to do was find a way so that the man of the house did not flip over the small Ikea Lack tables we have in our living room. He tries to get up in every chance he gets! These tables are so lightweight and he could easily get hurt.
 We have two of the small ones, 21 5/8″ x 21 5/8″.  Instead of buying another table and leaving these two aside, i decided to join them and make a new one. So, i secured them so there is no risk of the baby pulling them apart or that the tables get separated.
 I did not put any vases or other decorations on them, just added a few rows of black satin ribbon. I used push pins for securing the ribbon in place. A more fancy color would be better i believe, but we are trying not to have many temptations around here. Fucshia ribbon or colorful washi tape would not have been a wise choice!
The baby did not pay much attention to the tables! The black on black was not intriguing for him! He just tasted the ribbon and went on exploring the world!
 Hope you liked my idea! I would loved it if you stopped by at Bisozozo! Have a beautiful summer!
This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing with my friends!
Cathy |
  • Zografia @ Bisozozo

    Thank you, once again, for hosting!

  • artdecorationcrafting

    This is one of the most clever IKEA hacks I’ve seen. Well done Zografia :)

    • Zografia @ Bisozozo

      Thank you! I am glad you liked it!

  • Brandi

    So clever! I love the new look with the ribbon details.

  • Zografia @ Bisozozo

    Thanks! It is really easy to change them and add another color!

  • Susie Jax

    That is a uncool table for sure!

    • Zografia @ Bisozozo

      We sure loved it Susie!